Discover Geoff's Australian Outback Secrets

Geoff Coote

"Wonderful site on the Australian outback, it really is something very special, I like the information on flooding in Boggy Hole, it would be wonderful to see this place. Site loads well, is responsive, is easy to navigate in fact is hard to add any suggestions that would improve this site. Great work, well done." Christine, NZ, 20 12 08

Find the adventure you are looking for in the Australian Outback.

If you want more than a sightseeing trip, if you want to find secluded campsites or if you want to plan a trip that is different, this is the site for you.

I have lived, worked and travelled the remote parts of Australia for over twenty years.

I love it.

And if you plan your adventure using some of my tips you will love it too!

Discover the real Australian Outback and its secrets. Have fun without spending a fortune or travelling great distances.

Plan your own trip, find your own adventures.

Meet ranchers and ringers, tourists and travellers, runaways and rebels, aboriginal people, publicans and drunks, miners and madmen.

You can also visit all the major attractions in Centralia, but the real fun is in finding the Outback Secrets in between.

Find forgotten graves, secret billabongs, endless sand dunes, hidden gorges, isolated campsites, remote and friendly outback pubs.

Learn how to take your time and travel "light". Give your trip an extra "kick" by travelling with a specific purpose. Get tips on finding work in the Outback.

Take a lead from me, avoid most of my mistakes, and follow some of my tips. Best of all you can learn how to travel and have a great time.

Become an “Adventure Tourist”. Talk about “What I did” on my trip rather than just “Where I went”.

You will also learn how to:

• Cook quick and easy meals.

• Find a suitable vehicle without getting “ripped off”.

• Get the locals to like you, then they might show you their outback secrets.

• Find the true Australian Outback souvenir for the best price or even for free!

• Plan your trip and ENJOY your travelling.

• Understand and appreciate the “people of the Outback”.

• Search for opal and objects from outer space.

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