Alberga and Bloods Creek Lonely Graves

The Alberga and Bloods Creek Lonely Graves are accessible from the Andado Track From Oodnadatta to Alice Springs.


(53J 0527018E 6996204N)

• One grave (Frederick Sanford) and a memorial to a member of the Lennon family are almost covered by drifting sand.
• These are difficult to locate and seem to be at minimum risk at present.

Frederick Sanford

SA Death Index Book 420 page 15
District of Flinders Book 6 page 340
Date of death - 3.5.1918
Frederick SANDFORD10.7.1918
Age - 58 yrs
Occupation - Pastoralist
Usual residence - Oularrinna Station via Oodnadatta South Australia
Place of birth and time in Commonwealth - Born at sea - 57 yrs in C/w
Cause of death - Supposed Heart Failure
Place of death - Oularrinna Station via Oodnadatta South Australia
Informant - R Sandford, Brother, Mt Daer Station via Bloods Creek South Australia
Registered 1.6.1918


• Probably one of the loneliest and most forgotten graves in the Far North. It is about one kilometre from any ruins or tracks. This is the grave of Mary Bailes. Mary and her family lived in a tent on the property. One day the tent caught fire after a candle blew over. Mary was able to save her children but her clothing caught fire and she was badly burnt. She tragically died two days later. The grave is about 400 metres east of the windmill amongst the lignum bushes.

outback grave

Mary Bailes' Lonely Grave: Adopted by the members of Cougar Tagalong Tours

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